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The finish (Render) of your external wall insulation is both cosmetic and an additional insulation for additional energy savings.  A Render is a basecoat on which a variety of other finishes or finishing coats may be applied.

Insuloptim work with only leading manufacturers of quality renders providing finishes suitable for contemporary new build or refurbishment projects. Many of the renders and finishes are also an integral feature of our External Wall Insulation (EWI) systems, and are also available as a render only option for new build applications. There are five types of render systems that we provide:



UK’s largest independent silicone render manufacturer

K Rend incorporates various textured finished renders, insulating render, dry dash receivers, roughcast, base coats, brick effect render and ready mixed renders. K Lime is a range of dry bagged mortars made from natural hydraulic lime selected sand and other performance enhancing additives, derived from natural sources. K Mix is a range of dry bagged construction mortars for use on block and brick laying, scratch coats, bedding for pavia and grout for pavia. K Bead is a range of durable uPVC beads designed to be used with K Rend renders. They are ideal for damp, wet or corrosive environments or where plaster drying times may be extended. K Rend External Wall Insulation (EWI) system certified by the British Board of Agrément.

For 20 years K Rend has provided a high quality range of silicone renders and finishes. Designed to give a durable weatherproof coating and a natural finish, K Rend are the only UK manufacturer to incorporate in-house innovative silicone technology.



World leader in industrial mortars

The Weber render solution is designed to protect, decorate, enhance and repair old and new facades, using a combination of aspect, colour and structure whilst taking into consideration the environmental and architectural style and heritage.

With a choice of monocouche renders, basecoat & topcoat renders to go with a choice of decorative finishes, treatments and primers it is no surprise that many of Insuloptim clients have opted for this solution.

Unlike traditional multi-coat systems, Weber’s expertise in mineral renders has resulted in a breakthrough concept—a one-coat, through-coloured mineral render which can be applied directly to all major insulation types.

Weber are the world’s leading industrial mortar manufacturer and offer a complete range of solutions developed using advanced formulation technology to meet the highest technical requirements.



UK leader in Construction Chemicals

Available in a wide range of colours and textured finishes this durable product can be used internally and externally for any sized project.

PAREX Advanced Masonry Simulation (AMS) combines the natural look and feel of brick with the construction and performance advantages of a PAREXDIRECT and PAREXTHERM acrylic exterior finish and insulation system (EIFS).

PAREXTHERM ACRYLIC render system are available in an extensive range of colours, finishes and textures which forms part of an External Insulated Facade System (EIFS)/ External Walling Insulation systems (EWI) and can be adapted to meet the expectations and design requirements of the architect and designer.

Insuloptim use Parex because  they have invested in extensive product development to develop truly unique renders and finishes which hold the highest industry approvals.



110 years of Trusted Building Competence

Ceresit provide ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems) used to insulate different types of facades to significantly optimize the energy consumption of the building. They reduce noise and moisture penetration and are the main design element for the external appearance of a house.

Ceresit offer a wide choice of complementary products to build the whole system, from adhesive mortars and primers to finishing plasters and paints, including supplementary items such as insulation boards and reinforcing mesh. Durable performance is ensured by the mutual compatibility of the chemical and physical properties of all products in the system.

Being one of the core brands of Henkel Bautechnik, Ceresit has long since been associated with outstanding quality and reliable long-term protection.

Millions of craftsmen, architects, construction companies as well as private and institutional building clients have put their trust for many decades into the high performance and innovative power of Ceresit. Which is why Insuloptim includes Ceresit in our recommended solutions.



Ideas for the future

Baumit offers a range of specially formulated render, plaster and thermal insulating systems to suit all construction substrates. Many of the systems are vapour permeable and designed to complement the breathable nature of the substrate. The products are suitable for machine application to increase efficiency and maintain consistent material quality during application.

Whether outside or inside, renders and plasters are the key components of any wall construction and Baumit has one of the most comprehensive ranges in the industry. The commitment to innovation means that every item in the range has been refined and developed to deliver the best results for designers, installers and building owners in line with the ever changing demands of the construction market.

The human skin is multi-talented. A multi-functional organ, the skin serves to protect against external environmental factors, to display us to the outside world and to communicate. It regulates our heat balance and protects our insides from dangerous UV radiation. Render plays a similarly important role for your house.


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